There is no such great thing to experience by any individual but to feel that he has freedom. Humankind struggle for liberty can be rooted when the world was outshined by war. These battles made possible for the more powerful forces to suppress and restrain the weak ones. One race that is known in the past that experienced great slavery and condemnation is the Africans-Americans. The history speaks for itself how these people lost their independence for a long time, thus even though the fighting was over the attitudes of being a slaves can still be reflected with their living.Cruel days had gone but it leaves a legacy of profound impact to the minds of people that they had been unknowingly past down to the succeeding generations, thus creating a chains of psychological slavery. The attitudes of a slave are still lingering in the personality of those black people even at our present times; furthermore it can be observe with their manners towards every aspect of their life such as to their work, personality, community, their color and their family.

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